1 slider miami5 SCOTLAND 1000aCuba Solidarity organised a Britain-wide tour for two of the five Cuban heroes who were jailed for 16 years for investigating terrorism which was based on the US mainland, but which was directed at Cuba.
This video is from the Scottish leg of the tour, held in the Scottish Trade Union Centre in Glasgow.


Introduction by Vicky Grandon & Song by Maeve MacKinnon

It features Vicky Grandon introducing the evening, and then the acclaimed Scottish singer Maeve MacKinnon starting the event with stunning song to welcome our Cuban guests.


Activists Speakers from Scotland

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary
Denise Christie, Chair of FBU Scotland
Sam McCartney, Chair of UNISON Scotland, International Committee
Neil Findlay MSP, Vice Convenor of Cross Party Group on Cuba


Miami 5 Free at Last - Speak to Scotland!

Cuban heroes Gerardo Hernández and René González, 2 of the Miami 5 released from USA jails after 16 years, address a mass audience in Scotland. People in Scotland & Britain campaigned and worked to raise awareness of their plight. The 5 were jailed for investigating terrorism against Cuba coming from people within the USA.


Latin & Celtic Musical Tributes

Valentina and Voces del Sur give a rousing Latin American set, and then Maeve MacKinnon returns with music from Scotland and Ireland.